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Brian's Steak House
625 East Atlantic Street
South Hill, VA 23970


The South Hill Rotary Club decided a number of years ago to make its primary focus "Education" in their community. Members of the club participate each year in several projects at each level of the school system. At South Hill Elementary School members participate in "Lunch Buddies" which is a mentoring program that requires the Rotarian to enjoy lunch with an assigned class at the school each and every Thursday. Often the Rotarians return to the classrooms and read to the students. Many of these members provide "treats" to their classes at special times of the year.

Also at South Hill Elementary School club members host the "Accelerated Reading Parties" which are a celebration of student achievents in the school reading programs. At the end of each grading period students who have successfully completed these reading goals are allowed a small "party" near the end of the school day. Rotarians host the parties which include playing bingo, playing Wii games, "crazy hat day" and movie day.

At South Hill Elementary School and LaCrosse Elementary School Rotarians provide dictionaries to all 3rd grade students each year. A long time Rotary program in numerous Rotary Clubs this "new" project for South Hill has been very well received by the schools. The first year the club provided dictionaries to all 3rd to 5th graders and 2 "Picture Dictionaries" to all K-2 class rooms. Aslo a book, selected by the school staff, was given to each student at South Hill Elementary School. Funds for supplies to help teachers have also been provided as well as donated supplies from members and others.

At the middle school level the club holds an annual "4-Way Essay Contest" for 7th graders. This event is discussed in detail on the Vocational Service Page of our site.

At the High School level the Club provides 6 scholarships annually valued at $1,000/ea. to students planning to continue their education at the college level. The details of this program are discussed in setail on the Community Service page of our site.



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