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Three years ago the South Hill Rotary Club began to look seriously at a major International project. Rotarian Lee Warren had become a part of "Stop Hunger Now" which provides package food to 3rd world countries and had traveled to Haiti to oversee the process on the ground along with fellow Rotarian Heather Chaney.

Upon her return a project to provide clean water in homes in Haiti was discussed. A committee of 4 Rotarians, Lee Warren, Heather Chaney, Lisa Clary and Randy Cash, began to work on involving other Rotary Clubs in District 7600 as well as some surrounding Districts and to look into the grant process. These members traveled and gave presentations to numeous clubs while Lee and Randy began work on the grant process. Lee's contacts in Haiti were willing to assist on their end and as a result sent 4 people to be trained to make the filter systems that would be the product of the grant. An unexpected benefit of this project was to be that these 4 people would have a job which would allow for some major improvements in their lives as well as their families.

As a result of these efforts approximately $12,000 was raised and the paperwork went in for a matching grant. Later an additional $1,000 was donated and sent to Haiti. Upon being notified that the grant was successful the group in Haiti (Haiti Outreach Ministries) began to get a location to do the work and the necessary supplies and equipment to produce the filter systems. The project had finally begun to show progress. It took additional time to start the process but once it began it was very successful.

In the article on the main page of our site we recall that several members within District 7600 decided to travel to Haiti to lay hands on the project and to actually build and install a few of these systems. With great fun and bonding of the Rotarians and the 4 men who do much of the work, a day beyond description was experienced by all involved. A quote from one of the Rotarians during the return trip home was "As long as God lets me remember, I will never forget this trip, the people who made it and those we met."

Pictured are 2 of the children at one of the homes where a system was installed.

Haiti Kids


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