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Where We Meet
Brian's Steak House
625 East Atlantic Street
South Hill, VA 23970



In Rotary year 2009-2010 the South Hill Rotary Club decided to include in their fundraising efforts a "Reverse Raffle" in order to support the Club's Scholarship Fund and our other community efforts. After bringing all the members on board with the attemp, the club began to sell tickets to the members and the public. It was far more work than was anticipated.

Needless to say each year it has been the same. Gallons of sweat are shed until the tickets are sold. It seems this is our lot in life in order to acheive these results. Last year we changed our plans and increased the top prize to $5,000. Ironically the ticket sales vastly improved. We sold out.

Each year the Club offers at least 6 scholarships valued at $1,000 each to seniors who attend Park View High School in Mecklenburg County Virginia. These funds are sent directly to the school each student plans to attend. Since our Club focus on education is at the heart of our efforts we must say that the local citizens have stepped up each year to help us provided these funds to deserving local students.

On our "Forms" page an application is available each year for students to download and complete. All applications are considered and all students are interviewed by the members of the committee prior to selecting our winners. The winners are then invited to a Rotary meeting to meet our membership and to tell where they plan to attend college and their course of study.



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