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Brian's Steak House
625 East Atlantic Street
South Hill, VA 23970


The Rotary Club of South Hill’s “Service Above Self Award" is presented annually to the resident of the South Hill area who most exemplifies the Rotary ideal of “Service Above Self.” During the calendar year, this individual must have contributed to the betterment of South Hill by the unselfish giving of his/her talents, time, and energy to help improve the quality of life for people of South Hill community. This service must have been given freely and without monetary compensation during the current calendar year. The Rotary Club of South Hill will recognize this outstanding individual at the last regular Rotary Club meeting of the Rotary year.


  • The person nominated must be a resident of the South Hill area.
  • Service must have been performed unselfishly for the betterment of the South Hill area.
  • Service must have been performed over the past three (3) years
  • The person cannot receive pay for this service.
  • Nominations must be postmarked no later than May of the Rotary Year.
  • A letter supporting the nomination must be attached to this nomination form that explains the nominee’s contributions.
  • A letter stating the reasons you feel this person should win this award.
  • This form and accompanying letter must be mailed to the Club.

Service Above Self Award (Individual)

2005-2006 Robin Allen
2006-2007 Sandra Kinker
2007-2008 Frank Malone
2008-2009 Lou Saunders
2009-2010 Rob Crisman
2010-2011 Carolyn Jones
2011-2012 Bill and Sylvia Solari (Co-Recipients)
2012-2013 Ronnie Wells
2013-2014 Michael Carter
2014-2015 Rosser Wells
2015-2016 Rick Carroll
2016-2017 Kids=Play (Special Award)
2017-2018 Carolyn Crowder 


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