6:00 PM

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Where We Meet
Brian's Steak House
625 East Atlantic Street
South Hill, VA 23970


" Our community supports its veterans...."
America salutes her Veterans and we,
as Rotarians, honor them for their "Service Above Self".


Special Event:

On May 11, 2017 Dr. Paul Hamilton presented the POW/MIA Ceremony to a joint meeting of the Lions and Rotary Clubs. Called "Table for One" this ceremony reminds us to never forget those who never came home. 

Pictured above are the Veterans from both the Lions and Rotary Clubs and a member guest who joined us that evening.

Let us all never forget to thank those who serve as well as those who have gone before.

Below are our clubs active members who are honored Vets:

Fred Smith - U. S. Army
Herbert Farrar - U. S. Air Force
William E. Moore - U. S. Navy
Randy Cash - U. S. Army
John Evans - U. S. Army
Tom Watters - U. S. Army
Frank Nanney - U. S. Army
Dr. Paul Hamilton - U. S. Navy



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